About Best Wurst

Street Food

In Austin, the Best Wurst has been serving grilled sausage sandwiches since the early 90’s. Hand held fare – tasty, hot and ready-to-go on the fly – is a pleasure for tourists and busy city folks everywhere.

Catering & Events

You can very likely find The Best Wurst at your favorite festival! No one in Austin has participated in more festivals, but did you know that you can have your favorite sausage sandwiches at your office, for a weekend party or even at your wedding!?

High Quality Ingredients

Great food at a better-than-fair price; since The Best Wurst’s inception, that idea has been in place. We use great locally sourced products and top notch recipes. We make our own brown mustard and curry ketchup and even take the time to hand cut the 300 to 500 hundred pounds of fresh onions used every week. That’s a lot of tears but a lot of love!